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September 17, 2021

Earth Observant Inc. Among Top Teams Selected to exhibit at AFWERX EngageSpace, the Premier Event for the Space Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AFWERX, the catalyst for fostering innovation within the U.S. Air Force, announced Earth Observant Inc. as one of the finalists selected to participate in The AFWERX Space Challenge initiative to exhibit at EngageSpace, a virtual two-day event on September 29-30, 2020.

The AFWERX Space Challenge initiative is made up of four challenges targeted at creating integrated space operations leveraging the best in technology while maintaining security, being resilient and increasing agility. Four challenges were run concurrently focused on separate topics – Persistent ISR, DoD Commercial Space Partnerships, Global Space Transport and Delivery and Space Asset Resiliency.


Earth Observant is competing in the Space Asset Resiliency Challenge alongside a diverse group of teams that represent entrepreneurial startups, small businesses, large enterprises, academic institutions and research labs.

“The solutions submitted for these space challenges represent the bleeding edge of space innovation,” stated Brennan Townley, AFWERX Challenge Collaboration Lead. “We’re excited to highlight these innovators and connect them with opportunities across the Space ecosystem.”

The Space Asset Resiliency Challenge strives to increase the longevity of our space assets by increasing their durability against the unique space environment and enemy threats.

The team at Earth Observant have spent years designing high-reliability power and control electronics with a specialty in electric propulsion. This work has led to the development of Earth Observant’s novel Hall Effect Thruster (HET) system that uses unique pre-ionization techniques to enable the use of non-standard propellants. At the Challenge, the Company will show its latest developments in propulsion that support Space Asset Resiliency for the Air Force and others attending this virtual event.

“It’s been quite a journey since launching Earth Observant in 2017,” says Christopher Thein, the company’s CEO.  “Not only for having our propulsion technology selected for further review at EngageSpace, but to see our vision of bringing a new area in Earth’s thermosphere into operational use. We believe very low earth orbits offer new remote sensing opportunities for both civilian and government use.”

The EngageSpace event will feature highly engaging opportunities to connect, educate and innovate with other like-minded attendees, industry leaders, individual innovators, academia, investors, as well as military and government leaders. The entire event is designed to transform and accelerate the industry and enable government buyers to pursue the most promising innovative solutions to the most pressing and threatening Space scenarios.

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