15 cm-RESOLUTION imagery from space

a constellation built for monitoring


15 cm-resolution imagery means
the difference between speculating
and knowing


Re-imaging any global location as
frequently as every 10 minutes
offers real-time information


The ability to image over 10,000
areas of interest per day provides
assured imaging opportunities

With a fully operational constellation of 60 satellites

“Current imaging systems are built to excel at either resolution or frequency of revisit.

EOI Space will be the first to operate a fully agile constellation that delivers the best of both—while also increasing overall capacity.”

David Gauthier
Former Director of NGA Commercial Operations

Powerful imagery on your terms

Flexible tasking

Get the image you need, when you
need it, whether you’re seeking an
image at a precise time or
monitoring a location

Secure access

Tap into the constellation via your
own on-premise facility, a private
cloud, or the EOI Space imagery

Customized privacy

You decide if and when imagery you
task is released into EOI Space’s
public library or stays private

Taking the orbit less Traveled

Using proprietary technology, EOI Space’s Stingrays will be the first U.S. commercial satellites to fly in Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO)—an altitude half that of others. While VLEO brings many benefits like higher resolution and virtually no risk of on-orbit collision, it also brings unique challenges. To tackle these challenges, we have developed novel solutions that ensure the successful deployment and maintenance of a resilient, persistent constellation of 60 Stingrays.

EOI Space electric propulsion testing (2022)

Electric propulsion

Our patented propulsion system is designed to maintain agile orbits at an altitude of 250 km for at least five years, and has been tested with cooperation from the U.S. Air Force.

Spacecraft design

We’ve patented a standardized VLEO-specific satellite that features a more aerodynamic bus, extended solar arrays, the highest-speed radios, and enhanced drag-resistant materials.

Edge computing

On-board super compute drastically improves latency by processing imagery before it’s downlinked directly to users, and enables automation and AI-generated analytics—from Space.

Imagery specifications

0° Nadir
30° Off Nadir
70° Off Nadir
Spatial Resolution (Pan)
15 cm
18 cm
54 cm
Spatial Resolution (RGB/NIR)
15 cm
18 cm
54 cm
Spectral Bands
  • Panchromatic: 450 nm - 800 nm
  • Blue: 450 nm - 520 nm
  • Green: 520 nm - 600 nm
  • Red: 630 nm - 690 nm
  • Near Infrared: 760 nm - 900 nm

Revisit Rate

45 minutes
Imagery less than 26° ONA
20 minutes
Imagery less than 48° ONA
8 minutes
Imagery less than 70° ONA

Advancing Earth Intelligence

EOI Space is an American company on a mission to equip our customers with the actionable information they need for better outcomes, globally and persistently.

The clean room at our headquarters in Louisville, Colorado

The clean room at our headquarters in Louisville, Colorado

The team running analysis in our manufacturing facility

Testing key spacecraft components upon delivery


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Senior Leadership Team

Christopher Thein, CEO

Christopher Thein

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Tuttle

Benjamin Tuttle, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Rick Fabiano

Rick Fabiano

Chief Financial Officer

Nathan Rosenblad

Nathan Rosenblad

Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

Brian Leslie

Brian Leslie

Vice President of International Solutions

Mike Faunda

Mindy Reese

Vice President of Mission Execution

Joshua Cole

Joshua Cole

Director of Space Segment

Angela Heintz

Angela Heintz

Director of Human Resources

Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes

Director of Propulsion

Tou Lo

Tou Lo

Director of Security

Caity Milton

Caity Milton

Director of Marketing

Pooja Patel

Pooja Patel

Director of Ground Segment

Tachi Rivera

Tachi Rivera

Director of Strategic Planning and Execution

Tom Kunicki

Tom Kunicki

Principal Architect


Tom Kunicki

David A. Krall

Board Member

Christopher Thein, CEO

Herbert Satterlee

Board Member

Christopher Thein, CEO

Christopher Thein

Board Member


Our strategic advisors bring unique experience from astrophysics to AI, with backgrounds in U.S. defense & intelligence and commercial companies like Google

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