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March 15, 2023

EOI Space Signs Multi-Launch Extension with SpaceX

SpaceX to launch EOI Space’s first six satellites into Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO) in new multi-launch deal

Louisville, CO – March 14, 2023 – EOI Space, a company deploying low-flying satellites that provides Earth intelligence to government and commercial customers, announced today that it had cleared another major milestone by signing a multi-launch agreement with SpaceX to launch their Stingray constellation of VLEO satellites.

EOI Space’s first six state-of-the-art Stingray satellites will launch aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 starting in 2024 as part of the company’s Transporter rideshare program.

“Demand for rapid transmissions of higher-resolution Earth imagery has skyrocketed in recent years,” said Christopher Thein, CEO and Co-Founder of EOI Space. “We’re proud to be pioneering our first satellites through SpaceX’s renowned rideshare program and to ultimately deliver intraday updates of ultra-high-resolution imagery and real-time Earth intelligence to our customers.”

EOI Space’s full constellation of 60 Stingray satellites will operate in orbits closer to Earth than other satellites, allowing them to capture images at 15 cm resolution when and where customers want them. A proprietary electric propulsion system ensures the satellites reliably maintain their very low Earth agile orbits for several years, rapidly capturing, analyzing and communicating data directly to customers for global persistent monitoring, emergency response and other applications where clarity and timeliness are important.

About EOI Space
Based in Louisville, Colorado, EOI Space is developing a unique low-flying constellation of Earth imaging satellites. A novel combination of advancements in satellite design, being the first to operate in Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO) and the inclusion of an unprecedented amount of onboard supercomputing will enable EOI Space to rapidly capture 15-cm resolution imagery anywhere on Earth several times a day. The high-frequency, ultra-high-resolution imagery supports government and commercial customers with real-time Earth intelligence, global persistent monitoring and situational awareness.