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EOI Space is developing a unique constellation of very low-flying satellites, called Stingrays, to collect ultra-high-resolution imagery from a Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO).  By operating closest to Earth than other satellites, EOI Space captures the highest resolution views of our planet for real-time intelligence, asset monitoring, situation awareness, and a lot more. We build satellites fast, rapidly innovate, and with little need to worry about space debris from VLEO.


Using proprietary technology, EOI Space’s satellites fly at a much lower altitude and stay there for up to five years. This dramatically increases data resolution, and reduces satellite production costs while lowering the risk of impacts with space debris that plague higher altitude operators.

EOI Space plasma thruster 2022 vacuum chamber testing


Our proprietary electric propulsion system is called HET-X.  We have tested several versions of HET-X over the past two years in cooperation with the US Air Force. Our Stingray constellation leverages HET-X to maintain a consistent altitude of 250km above the Earth.


Our Stingray satellites are low flyers, optimized for the operational environment of VLEO and low cross-sectional area to minimize atmospheric drag.  Stingrays are highly maneuverable and capable of collecting imagery at long distances at high, off-nadir angles.


Leveraging the latest space-based computing hardware, each of our Stingrays is equipped to process imagery onboard. By moving parts of our image processing chain from the ground to the spacecraft, the time to deliver high-priority orders is dramatically reduced.


Priority Imagery

The Power of the Constellation. With assured priority, our customers can plan their collections, where they want them, and when they want them. No longer are you required to place an order for a new collection and compete with all other collection orders.


  • Ideal for national security applications where timeliness and secured delivery are required.

OnDemand Imagery

High capacity, High revisits. Cloud streaming subscriptions and APIs support customers across many industries. Use our OnDemand Imagery search service to optimize your experience across the Stingray constellation.


  • Some uses include disaster recovery, pipeline monitoring, and site encroachment

Library Imagery

Mix Now, with Then. The Stingray constellation generates a steady stream of 15cm data for Library Imagery. Many applications need access to historic imagery for comparison of current and past situations.


  • Use cases include property taxation, mapping, and climate assessment

Industry segments that can benefit from our services


Based in Louisville, Colorado, USA, EOI Space is developing a unique low-flying constellation of satellites collecting ultra-high-resolution imagery for a wide range of earth observation applications. EOI Space will operate close to Earth in VLEO to capture the highest commercially available views of our planet for real-time intelligence, asset monitoring, situation awareness, and more.

Senior Management team

Christopher Thein

Co-Founder – CEO

Startup leadership in spacecraft power & control electronics, workflow automation, and software development

Nathan Rosenblad

Co-Founder – Chief Engineer

Expertise in spacecraft power electronics, industrial robotics, and propulsion hardware with multiple items in space

Rick Fabiano Headshot

Rick Fabiano

Chief Financial Officer

Leadership in finance at startups and tech companies, including Universal Audio, NETGEAR and IBM

Benjamin Tuttle, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Leadership in national intelligence at National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, AI/ML at Arturo.ai, and authored/co-authored industry papers in several journals

Brian Leslie

VP Intl Business Development

Expertise providing premium satellite access programs to the international community. Lockheed, Space Imaging, DigitalGlobe, Skybox, Google

Craig Brower Headshot

Craig Brower

VP Government Solutions

Leadership in GEOINT and AI/ML products at the CIA, Edgybees, Vricon, SAIC, BAE Systems, Orbital Insight and DigitalGlobe

Mike Faunda

VP Programs

Leadership in national defense and strategy, US Air Force, Multi-National Force-Iraq, National Defense Fellow, NRO, and Ball Aerospace

Wayne Fornwalt

VP Engineering

Expertise in space hardware design including RF, power, avionics plus spacecraft and payload systems engineering. Over 200 satellites in orbit spanning 29 programs

Pooja Patel Photo

Pooja Patel

Dir. Ground Segment

Leadership in National Security Space & Mission programs. NASA-JSC, Lockheed Martin and Ball Aerospace

Mike Holmes Photo

Mike Holmes

Director of Propulsion

Expertise in spacecraft propulsion, the space plasma environment, and mission analysis to maximize spacecraft agility

James DiCorcia Photo

James DiCorcia

Director of Space Vehicles

Expertise in distributed space systems development, mission design, and cross-disciplinary leadership

Angela Heintz Photo

Angela Heintz

Director of Business Operations

Startup leadership in scaling organizations in Human Resources, Legal, Finance, and Facility Business Operations


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